Iwanuma City was entirely swept away during the tsunami.

In this proposal, new collective housings have been designed to create a community centre. Small paths and open outdoor spaces help establish a connection between the new and old community. It has been carefully designed for victims to feel like they are more at 'home' rather than in a new development. This atmosphere has been achieved by using natural materials from the local area. Each house has a comfortable open kitchen, dining and living spaces, a double bedroom and a bathroom. An 'engawa' (small terrace) provides a continuous connection to nature from the house. This project is one of the many reconstruction and relocation plans of North-East Japan after the terrible disaster, hopefully it will give the new residents a peaceful mind.

Since 2011, SHAA/ Shoichi Haryu Architect & Associates and SHSH have been working and supporting disastrous areas after the tsunami in March 2011.

January 2014
Categorie: Welfare
SHAA - Iwanuma Community Centre
Shoichi Hariu