The renovation and the extention of hte old town house to a new appartments. First floor is a shop for rent. From second to fourth floor are rented accommodation units. Both fifth and sixth floor are a duplex for its owner. This is a six-story building and was employed Concrete-Filled Still Tubular as structure. In order not to pack rooms into the limited space, we gave adequate consideration to the unique site whose frontage is about 7280m.

There is an inner court of the triple floor-heights between the rented accommodations. The inner court helps to increase the indeviduality between the residents. Also, we consider that a place for the residents and visitors to relax is necessary; therefore, two roof gardening spaces were planned. This building could give its neighborhood a good impression in that it has an inner court which wind blows through and a green terrace. In other words, it creates a good cityscape.

The main construction is steel construction. As this site faces busy national highways, we employed a concrete-filled steel tubes as a method of construction by considering the highway traffic noise and vibration.

January 2001
Categorie: Housing
SHAA - House at Haranomachi SHAA - House at Haranomachi SHAA - House at Haranomachi
Shoichi Hariu