Miyagi Stadium is located in the Miyagi Prefectural Citizen’s Forest, next to the northern portion of Sendai. The 146.1ha forest is to be home to the Miyagi Prefectural Sports Park, at the centre of which is the Miyagi Stadium. With a 50.000 seat capacity, it is a location where large world-level events are held. It has been the venue of the National Athletic Game rehearsal, the Japanese track and field championship games, 2001 Miyagi Sports Game, in addition to the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup and the disabled athletes’ games.

The stadium provides a facility for large scale events and originally was solely for the use of comprehensive and closed format events. However, with modern society’s openness and desire for equality, it may be said that more partially open events should be brought in as well. Furthermore, not only should large-scale events be brought in but also small scale events such as local meetings. It is thought that further considerations should be given to the situation inside as well as outside of the stadium. Communication for better coordination among actors, spectators and others should be considered to further increase the functionality of the stadium.

Location: Rifu, Miyagi, Japan

Principal use: general stadium

Finished time: 2000.5

Site area: 1.244.079 m²

Total floor area: 57.564 m²

Structure: steel framedreinforced concretesteel structure (roof) 7 stories

May 2000
Categorie: Stadium
SHAA - Miyagi StadiumSHAA - Miyagi StadiumSHAA - Miyagi StadiumSHAA - Miyagi StadiumSHAA - Miyagi Stadium
Shoichi Hariu