The proposal consists of an emergency tower in Oirase town situated in North-East Japan.

The aim of the tower is to provide an evacuation space for emergencies, at a level of 17m above the sea, that can be used as a local community centre in daily life.

The 6th and 7th floor provides a "safe haven" providing shelter for up to 200 people who can survive independently for 3 days with facilties such as kitchen, shower, toilet, sleeping place as well as storage space for food and all necessary equipments. A security control centre is on the 8th floor to announce any danger of tsunami in the area.

In daily life, the community centre offers the public a study space for children, a cooking workshop space, a traditional Japanese room for cultural activities, an IT room and a tsunami museum for educational pourpose.

Around the main accesses (lift, a slope and two staircases) a shock absorber envelopes the main structure. The design integrates itself into the landscape by providing a green wall on the structural facade.

August 2013
Categorie: Welfare
SHAA - Oirase Emergency TowerSHAA - Oirase Emergency Tower
Shoichi Hariu