Activities to Support the Construction of Emergency Housing and Community Development.Emergency temporary housing directly from the source. The Utatsu section of Minamisanriku City placed an order for the emergency temporary housing units developed by JIA Miyagi in collaboration with the Miyagi Prefecture Forestry Cooperative. Three buildings (15 units) and an assembly hall were ordered and after more than ten revisions of the layout, the plans and the sections, they are currently under construction and scheduled to be inaugurated on July 31st. Housing made of local wood. ‘Community Revival Project’ . In contrast with the emergency reconstruction activities according to evacuation area, the vertical axis, we are addressing various themes on the horizontal axis. One of them is the aim to construct a superior architectural culture, based on the premise that it must contribute to the landscape design and to the development of the local industry, including forestry, artisans, etc. The idea is to build individual houses, apartment buildings, social housing, service flats, day care centres/kindergartens, schools, shops, etc. and to in this way be involved in the support of the planning related to the building of a community on all levels. Mass relocation, rebuilding a community on the same site, and building towns on artificial islands are examples of concrete proposals we would like to submit. ( Mr. Shoichi Haryu, director of the JIA Miyagi Emergency Reconstruction Committee )

Architect : Shoichi Haryu Architect & Associates / SHAA in collaboration with Miyagi Prefecture Forest Institutions

March 2011
Categorie: Welfare
SHAA - Minami-Sanriku Utatsu Emergency ShelterSHAA - Minami-Sanriku Utatsu Emergency ShelterSHAA - Minami-Sanriku Utatsu Emergency Shelter
Shoichi Hariu