30 years before the disaster, Yuriage Morning market had been held in the banks of the inland sea. Yuriage Morning Market started giving back anything they have to the victims in need in lack of food . Two weeks after tsunami, Market rented a parking at the shopping mall and begun their activities to prepare reconstruction of Yuriage Morning Market, which has most popular tourist and local attraction of the town.

Mr. Sakurai/ Yuriage Morning Market cooperative president asked SHAA to support and plan together the Yuriage Morning Market reconstruction and Yuriage Town itself. As a result, we planned together Yuriage Renaissance Project and Yuriage Morning Market over two years discussion and think-tank with local victims.

Yuriage Morning Market and SHAA has begun Market reconstruction plan to Natori city, who set previous morning market area as a non- residential area and heavily damaged degree among the affected areas. Therefore, Natori city did not make a permission to give us reconstruct Yuriage Morning Market, which is a symbol of the Yuriage Town itself. One year later the tsunami, Yuriage Morning Market temporary rebuild market in the original location, where approx. 300,000 visitors came over to support each other.

SHAA has been working hard to support Yuriage Morning Market cooperative associations to get back their local activities and local businesses.

"Donate the building of morning market" offer has been transmitted to Natori city from the Government of Canada in such a time. Finally, Natori city accepted the Yuriage Morning Market reconstruction in the same place as previous market.

SHAA and SHSH has begun the design and support activities that summarizes the overall plan of the morning market as an architect. The location of Yuriage Morning Market is the midst of the affected areas that remain nothing yet. We have been encouraging people of morning market business while having an anxiety to many of this difficult condition. Main purpose is how to make enjoyable market for visitors again. We were able to work progresses under such circumstances.

Finally, we opened new Yuriage Morning Market on 1st December 2013. It was a grand opening with many supporters across the country. Loud voice has bounced while hoping that the reconstruction in Yuriage town would not be abandoned or delay more longer term for local victims.

SHAA and SHSH hsa been working and willpropose the emergency tower near to the Yuriage morning Market to protect visitors in cse of emergency.

We would like to support for long time for this local markect as a symbol of reconstruciton of Yuriage and North-East Japan.


“Welcome! Welcome! It is cheap and delicious fish! Come on!”
“There is also a delicious meal! Come by!”
We designed very simple enjoyable market. There are rest places to have meal not only shopping foods. Also there is a museum to tell danger of tsunami and the earthquake for future generations to be prepared.


Every shops and participants has been working really hard to offer a cozy space to customers and collect donations to continue this market. We saw many visitors with full of smile happily under the beautiful sky and the sea.

We are planning to invites artists to draw the shutter of each store soon. We will be able to greet visitors with not only market facilities but also cultural approach form Yuriage Town to the world.


Do please join us and support us, Yuriage Town has only Yuriage Machi Cafe and Yuriage Morning Market. May victims are still living in the temporary emergency housings without knowing the future plan.

October 2017
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SHAA - Yuriage Morning Market ReconstructionSHAA - Yuriage Morning Market ReconstructionSHAA - Yuriage Morning Market ReconstructionSHAA - Yuriage Morning Market Reconstruction
Shoichi Hariu