Housing for two generations was planned for this site in western Sendai.

The south side of the site is wide and connects to the road. The north side situated on the edge of the water channel has a trapezoid shape. The family consists of five members, a grand-parent and parents, their second eldest son and his wife. The spatial composition was planned around the following conditions:

1. A south facing communal garden was established and is surrounded by the various rooms of both families.

2.The functional spaces which support the family’s lifestyle are placed in the north and west areas of the site.

3.The function zone was constructed of reinforced concrete walls and a steel column of 120cm was necessary to carry the load created by the horizontal strain. The column receives the vertical force from the flat slab which extends from the reinforced concrete wall. As a result the living space which is south facing, opened up both inside and outside.

4. The multipurpose hall on the third floor of the parents’ house (the east wing) is connected to the second son and his wife’s house (the west wing) by a bridge in order to facilitate various shared activities such as parties or small concerts.

5. The exterior of the divided function zones was finished with exposed concrete while the living space division was composed of windows and galvanised steel sheets which creates a contrast.

Location: Sendai, Miyagi, Japan

Principal use: housing

Finished time: 1998.8

Site area: 560 m²

Total floor area: 555 m²

Structure: reinforced concretepartly steel structure;3 stories

August 1998
Categorie: Housing
SHAA - House at KuryuSHAA - House at KuryuSHAA - House at KuryuSHAA - House at Kuryu
Shoichi Hariu