This is the house of a family of two. A living and dining room on the first floor have the area of 22 mats (36.3 square meters). The open plan was adopted to the living room, dining room(1st floor) and family room (2nd floor) and unites them with fittings. They have the opportunity to be opened up or shut to the well.

The glazier roof was used for the front door in the direction of north and south. Polycarbonate board was used for the interior side. Sunlight diffuses and soft light shines on the door.

Location: Natori, Miyagi, Japan

Principal use: housing

Finished time: 2001.7

Site area: 325 m²

Total floor area: 246 m²

Structure: wooden structure ;2 stories

July 2001
Categorie: Housing
SHAA - House at Yanagida SHAA - House at Yanagida SHAA - House at Yanagida
Shoichi Hariu