This house is combined with a pharmacy and built on a narrow site (about 150 square meters) in the urban district of Sendai, Japan. The pharmacy was planned on the first and second floors and the house planned on the third and fourth floors. I challenged the low floor height of 2.48m, because the building height had a limitation of 10m due to sun-shadow restriction. Reinforced concrete makes up the north facade. The rest of the house has a structure of steel pipes which allows the south area to be clear and open, with two wells. The floor heating and cooling system was designed around a simple well space. House at Kamisugi is the definition of minimal architecture.

Location Sendai, Miyagi, Japan

Principal use Store + housing

Finished time 2002.7

Site area 147 m²

Total floor area 376 m²

Structure reinforced concrete,partly steel structure ;4 stories

July 2002
Categorie: Housing
SHAA - House at Kamisugi SHAA - House at Kamisugi SHAA - House at Kamisugi SHAA - House at Kamisugi
Shoichi Hariu