The House is designed fo rhte flower artist, who would  like to live in the calm and peaceful surroundings.

" I do not like developed housing areas and wants to enjoy liesured life in suberb where it has forests and the music of the brook. "

Everything started from finding out the place she wants to reside in her ideal location. It takes about a year to discover a site which enables his dimand to satisfy, and finally we moved to design.

The 825㎡ site with a 142㎡ one-floor house is located in the northwestern part of Sendai and slopes towrard Gongen Sanroku. Planning is attached importance to the south side of a mountain stream and the opposite’s vista, and a hall (a promenade space) which has 2.7m in width and 4m in height places on an axis of the vista (an axis of north-south).

Each room connects to the hall, and a decked terrace (an opan space) is swered with the axis. The hall is designed as studios to do various activities. Both sides of the hall is RC wall construction. A roof of the hall is wooden construction. A floor of the hall is covered by developed building blocks made from decomposed granite with underfloor heating. It is confortable to walk with bare feet on the floor.

January 2004
Categorie: Housing
SHAA - House at Otake SHAA - House at Otake SHAA - House at Otake SHAA - House at Otake
Shoichi Hariu