The new funeral space stands as part of the landscape
The site premises located in the seaside pine forests and teh new crematorium is in the prefectural natural park. The new crematorium plan needs to be in consideration of the surrounding landscape.

The new evergreen broad-leaved trees of medium shrubs are planned to plant in order to interact within the site. Therefore,  a hill connects the parking and canopy, and the gentle green belt of gardens surrounding the waiting room are designed.

Public and privacy
The new funeral hall space is a public facility, simultaneously it is also needed privacy for the bereaved family and mourners. In order to avoid crossing between different mourners and keep as much as sacred moements for each funerals, we suggest a one-way clockwise circulation in migratory type in the new creamatorium.

Space for metaphor of farewell - tension and relaxation sequences
The pond and translucent wooden lattice are the part of metaphoric barriers to set from time to time as the buffer space along sequence of the inside of the crematorium.

For instance, space that is closed in accordance with the respective chambers of the function, space which is open only one side and the overall open space are planed in different ceiling heights and configure the imparted plan, which volume transform the spaces in sequences. Thereofre, we design to provide the contrast of tension and relaxation for visitors.

Light and shadow of space
In general, the crematorium gives impression of the heavy atmosphere and also you can feel the feeling of pressure.  By incorporating borrowed landscape views and encounters with natural light in various spaces, the new crematorium will prompt the induction and convection of the bereaved family, mourners towards a spiritual spaces.

Space with Wind and Soil
In order to consider the law of nature, we think about the elements of the new crematorium, such as pond, hill, new green belt, the texture of the architecture as "death returns to the soil".

Funeral space which is nestled in the silence of the pine forest of the protected forest zone, is set as the story of spaces, where the spaces are composed in the one loop from the outside to internal space. This attentive space configuration brings visitors in the scene appropriate to set out the journey .

Status: Competition, 1st Prize

client: City of Sakata

place: Sakata, Japan

Architecture, landscape, furniture: SHAA/ Shoichi Hariu Architect & Associates

Associated architects : SHSH Architecture + Scenography

July 2015
Categories: Public, Welfare , Others
SHAA - Sakata CrematoriumSHAA - Sakata CrematoriumSHAA - Sakata CrematoriumSHAA - Sakata Crematorium
Shoichi Hariu