M Ladies' clinic is combined with a house and is located in front of a railway station.

First floor:clinic (obstetrics and gynaecology)

Second floor:house for parents

Third floor:house for husband, wife and children.

The site is enclosed on three sides by the station and bicycle parking building. The wooden louver screens which appear on the facades, were designed so that the dweller's privacy would not be disturbed.

As a feature of the building, the open gallery on the second floor and the audio-room on the third floor are both positioned in the centre of each floor. The continuous space was designed with wooden decks and roof gardens. This building was constructed by a reinforced concrete wall without beams and used the pillar of the steel pipe at the south side.

Location: Sendai, Miyagi, Japan

Principal use: Clinic + housing

Finished time: 2001.3

Site area: 664 m²

Total floor area: 856 m²

Structure: reinforced concrete,partly steel structure ;3 stories

March 2001
Categorie: Housing
SHAA - M Ladies' Clinic SHAA - M Ladies' Clinic SHAA - M Ladies' Clinic SHAA - M Ladies' Clinic
Shoichi Hariu