This site is located in the suburbs of Sendai City. There are three in the family: parent and a daughter. To allow extra room for visitors, the space under the study can be divided into two by fittings. The entrance area was designed using pilotis and create a connection to the garden.

The sanitary space is positioned in the north, whilst the south area includes a living area and study room. The family room which is on the second floor is open plan. The glass roof was designed in the direction of east and west reflecting the slit of sunlight. The family room and stairs are beautifully illuminated by the sunlight passing through the wooden louvers.

Location: Sendai, Miyagi, Japan

Principal use: housing

Finished time: 2002.2

Site area: 310m²

Total floor area: 210m²

Structure: wooden structure; 2stories

February 2002
Categorie: Housing
SHAA - House at Arai SHAA - House at Arai SHAA - House at Arai SHAA - House at Arai SHAA - House at Arai
Shoichi Hariu