The competition award 1st Prize

2016: Watri Arinomama Welfare Collective Housings

2016: Osaki City Hall REnovation Proposal (2nd)

2014: Sakata City Crematorium

2013: Iwanuma Tamura area, Reconstruction Social Housings
2008: Tohoku University welfare and restaurant architecture
2007: Hacchi, Hachinohe international cultural centre and theatre
2005: Furukawa city government office building
2003: Aomori Prefecture riot Police department building
2001: Miyagi prefecture property developer office building
1999: Satohama midden planning by proposal
1998: Tohoku University, Environmental Information Science building by nomination
1996: Kesennuma city Health care centre
1995: Kanan town complex cultural centre
1995: Kesennuma city general welfare centre
1993: Natori city crematorium
1992: Sendai city south cultural centre and theatre (2nd)
1992: Marumori town Restoration and renovation of the traditional cultural housing
1991: Shiwahime town housing
1986: Sendai city Tsurugaya, Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church
1986: Onoda town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Museum
1986: Miyazaki town ceramic culture centre
1985: Nakaniida town, collective housing

Tohoku North-East Japan Architectural award

2014: Sendai Machi no Kobo Madoka;Reconstruction for disabled people workshop and cafe
2013: hacchi; Hachinohe Portal Museum
2004: Forest Convent
1999: Aquarena; Sports and Welfare Centre
1998: Shion no Sono; Nursing and Daycare Centre for Elderly
1997: Natori Crematorium
1994: Shichigahama Kokusaimura; International Culture Centre and Theatre
1991: Taihaku Arinomama-sha; Welfare Residence for Muscular Dystrophy
1989: Sairi Yashiki; Restoration and renovation for the traditional housing and museum
1989: Nakaniida Town Social Housings

Annual Architectural Design Commendation of the Architectural Institute of Japan
1997: Natori city Crematorium
1996: Sendai city Taihaku area welfare centre

Furukawa Medical & Welfare Foundation Award & Reward
2016: Furukawa Medical & Welfare Foundation

Good Design Awarad
2013: hacchi; Hachinohe Portal Museum

Best Town Design Award in Traditional Restoration
2013: Sairi Yashiki; Restoration and renovation for the traditional housing and museum

Best wood utilization for architecture
2010: Sendai city Yagiyama Zoo visiter centre

Best Operating & Technology Awarad (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
2005: Aomori Prefecture riot Police department building

Public architecture award
2004: Shichigahama town sports centre water sports centre

BCS ( Building Contractors Society) awards
2002: Miyagi Stadium (collaboration with Abe atelier)

The best public school architecture award for renovation
2002: Akita prefecture technical high-school renovation

Lighting for Japanese Architecture award
2001:Sendai Niko high-school memorial hall
2001:Miyagi Stadium (in collaboration with Abe Atelier)

Tohoku District Council Japan Association of Steel Construction award
1995: Miyagi Stadium water tank structure (in collaboration with Abe Atelier)

Health and Welfare Award for Architecture award
1991: Taihaku Arinomama Sha
Disabled people's independent support collective housings in Sendai

Abukuma Architecture Award
1990: The 1 st Prize
1993: The prize of the director of the forest combination of Sennan
1994: The prize of the Miyagi Society of Architects & Building Engineers

Shoichi Hariu